$20 DO dropplet for simple Telescope app?

Hi guys,

I was thinking to ask this question on forum for a while.

If I remember correctly, we were able to deploy meteor app on $5 Digital Ocean dropplet like 1.5 year ago.

But now, we have problem, with lack of memory, and not even able to do it on 1GB dropplet :confused: , which mean for each app which is empty and have no traffic, we need to take $20/month dropplet with 2GB of RAM.

Today we tried to install clean Telescope app, but we could’t cause of lack of memory.

Is there any suggestions you can give on Meteor app hosting ? Maybe some tips on deployment or suggest different hosting provider.

One young guy is doing deployment for me, and he said that is doing “by hand”.

i deploy by hand
meteor build
then running nodejs

Any help appreciate!


That’s really odd. I’ve never had that problem. I’m running Meteor on a 512mb EC2 instance right now, and it’s never even hiccuped (with moderate traffic as well).

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Thanks for your replay.

Guess we are doing something wrong.

Any tips on how you deploy your app ?

Some anecdotal stuff here, as I haven’t deployed a Telescope app lately:

If you’re running the mongodb on the same server with a decent amount of traffic, I’d be wary of running on less than a 2gb instance.

If you’re running the mongodb externally, 1gb should be okay for running the app.

However, the build process can run through memory pretty quickly, and if you are trying to build on your deployment server, you will likely run into issues. Even if you shut down the node process before trying a build, I’d be shocked if you could build Telescope on a 512mb instance.

It has been posted in the forums before https://www.ovh.com/vps/vps-ssd.xml
they offer quite cheap virtual instances with 2GB of RAM. Not sure who said it was quite similar to deploying to DO :relaxed: