2023 way of connecting cordova to different urls on the fly

Hi all,

while connecting the react native client to different meteor backends is quite self explaining (like a simple Meteor.connect(...)), for a Cordova app this seems to be harder or not built in directly at all

I read about DDP.connect, but this seems to add an additional connection to a second server, returning a set of functions like for calling methods etc., but using Meteor.call etc will send request to the “old” server; there’s some postings on the web where all the Methods like Meteor.call, Meteor.apply, Meteor.subscribe etc get replaced, but this seems a bit odd and I don’t know whether this could be possible on the fly.

Is there a 2023 way of doing this (reconnect Cordova client to a different backend while running the app, e.g. on a login screen where a user chooses an instance to connect to), am I missing something?