24h mode on datetimepicker

I am using aldeed:autoform with the rajit:bootstrap3-datepicker. It works fine but there are a lot of settings that does not seem to have any effect, for instance ‘locale’.

In the schema, I have defined it like this:

autoform: {
afFieldInput: {
    type: "bootstrap-datetimepicker",
    dateTimePickerOptions: {
        locale: 'sv',
        use24Hours: true,
        sideBySide: true,
        showClose: true,
        stepping: 10


Out of those parameters, only sideBySide has an effect. Yes, I have installed the locale packages for moment. The ‘use24Hours’ is not documented anywhere but I saw the parameter in the code and just tried various ways since I can not believe someone makes a thing like this believe that the whole world use am/pm… Oh, ‘format’ works as an option, but it just formats the output.

I’m OK with English text, but I want a 24 hour clock. Has anyone here tried, tried and managed to get a 24h time picker?


Im trying to achieve the same thing looked for 2 hours and found the solution.

pass these options to your dateTimePickerOptions and your good to go.
format: ‘DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm’,
pickDate: true,
pickSeconds: false,
pick12HourFormat: false