4 years of Meteor in 4 minutes - Visualized

I compressed 4 years of commit history into 4 minutes. This is the results:

YouTube Video

Made with the awesome gource.io.


Looks like a bunch of Fireworks and no clear direction … oh wait…


Pretty awesome, there’s clearly a huge amount of activity in the packages branch where the community has contributed alot of packages to the whole meteor ecosystem.

It’s a bit sad when I think about it, I used to use 20-30 atmosphere packages as they all worked together and saved me alot of time putting a product together. Now I use 2-3 that still works with my react/redux architecture.

Only half a year ago, I had reached a peak in customising client validation with autoforms, now, threw it out the window in favour of react versions.
Oh well…

Oh man thanks for amazing work. Can I pls put some music to it and we publish it? Maybe you can share the source so I can use it to generate some electronic sounds? That’d be fantastic.

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Hey, I was going to but it was going to take me a while :slight_smile:

Checkout gource.io, it’s pretty simple to then just checkout the meteor repo and run gource in it to create the video.