404 method not found

I’m trying to implement meteor methods, I have a very basic method implemented in client/lab/methods.ts. I’m calling it from client/lab/imports/pages/lab.ts. It runs as expected -I have a test console.log that executes-, but when I try to invoke a callback I get a 404 method not found error.

Here are the github gist for the access and define parts https://gist.github.com/cemersoz/223297d7decb8c578a5f925163df9e26

I saw this response to a similar question from 2 years ago http://stackoverflow.com/a/22307649/5675765

but I don’t understand how I could implement that solution. Defining meteor.methods in server just resulted in a module not found error What do you think I may be doing wrong? Thanks!

its most likely the case that you never defined the method on the server.

Just like the SO answer says methods are run on both client and server. Make sure you import the method correctly. If you get a error on the server regarding the method you probably defined it wrong.

I dont use Angular but this is from their official tutorial