478 Killed node main.js

Since a couple of days our backend Production server on AWS (Fargate) is killed with the following error:

/home/app/scripts/start.sh: line 34:   498 Killed                  node main.js

I’ve checked the forum and the only answers I could find where over $5 droplets where the problem went away when they were upgrade to the next higher package.

Tried this as well, doubling both ECU and memory on the machine but to no avail. We can’t put a pulse on it and as we’re still fighting with our Datadog integration we can’t zoom in to see what exactly happens (the 1 minute interval of Cloudwatch isn’t granular enough).

What we can see however is that the spike goes up to 100% maximum:

Your help is appreciated!

Writing my own answer. It was a parameter in our AWS Fargate setup that limited the amount of memory to 300 Mb and thus caused the killing of the NodeJS application.