4Minitz - Free Collaborative Meeting Minutes & Protocols WebApp


Hi Meteor Community,

The last few months a few colleagues and me did a side project that we now dare to call “v1.0”.


4Minitz is a collaborative webapp to take meeting minutes / meeting protocols. The app is optimized for regular meetings and will track all open topics and not-yet done action items between follow-ups. Some of the more advanced features include - among others - LDAP/active directory support for user authentication, role concept, realtime updates for connected users, labeling of items, upload of files, sending of mails with: agenda / meeting minutes / personal action items, markdown support, …

We made 4Minitz free & open-source software (MIT License), as we strongly believe that sensitive information like meeting minutes should not be hosted in the cloud. Instead you want to host it on your own infrastructure where you can define the level of security and safety you need.
Fork us on github - and leave some “stars” for us.

The App is realized with meteor (you guessed it) and pre-versions have been productively used about a year or so in our company methodpark.com.

At this point a huge “Thanks” goes out to the MDG to give the community such a cool framework. Keep up the good work! Also a big thank you to the node/js/meteor community to provide such helpful frameworks like jagi:astronomy, kadirahq:flow-router and VeliovGroup:Meteor-Files, just to name a few!

Feedback welcome!

Have fun!


P.S. If you like 4Minitz and want to help us “spread the word”, vote up our hacker news posting: