50% of the users experience a DDP Connection lost

Hi We have quite some traffic now on our systems, and we track how often the connection gets lost.
This happens to around 50% of all the users at least once.

Here are my questions:

  • Is this a problem? I think yes.
  • how can i split the tracking between the once with minor problems (delayed connect or so) and major problems (no connection at all)
  • how can i improve the system to reduce this issues?

some system informations:
) we only track it after 500ms after startup. as the initial connect can take longer.
) we use ngix as a load balancer for 2 servers
) we do not track connections lost that are up again in under 500ms

thanks for your help.

Are your balancers with session afinity?

Sticky sessions… sure. otherwise it would not work. We have a lot of users that are using the product successfully…

Just to give you a idea about the size. about 30k users are using it every month.