503 Service Unavailable: No healthy endpoints to handle the request

Anyone else getting this error message with Galaxy? It just randomly started doing this.

2017-05-09 22:04:24-04:00/app/run.sh: line 25: 9 Killed node ${NODE_OPTIONS:-} main.js

Came here for the same issue. I’m seeing The container is being stopped because Galaxy is replacing the machine it's running on. but it never comes back on. How can I ensure this doesn’t happen again?

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Just found this thread on same issue.

I redeployed my app to Galaxy and it’s working fine now. I would also like to know how I can ensure this doesn’t happen again. It’s odd this happened to both of us at the same time. Hmm.

Ah, that might be your issue, but I got a different error message (no “out of memory” just “Meteor is replacing the machine”).