90+ Connections on Galaxy from 1 user

We’re seeing something really weird in our staging env. Galaxy is showing 90 some connections for 1 active user on the site. I’ve checked out network tab and it doesn’t look like we’re ddos’ing ourself or anything. Server logs don’t show anything out of the ordinary other than an unhealthy container message.

Here is a video showing what’s going on. https://youtu.be/imOTuFqfpUs

I don’t see these issues on our prod server or local dev.

I was thinking that this might be a websockets + cloudflare thing, but running with DISABLE_WEBSOCKETS doesn’t change things.

Also the amount of connections isn’t the same everytime, last time was 197.

On the one hand, Cloudflare prevents suspicious requests, and on the other hand, I do not think any user wants to create this issue manually.
Maybe the bug is from Galaxy

If you turn on development mode / skip proxying through CF for staging, does this still occur?

A wild guess, could it be related to a bug that has been fixed in latest node?

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