A Basic Cucumber Meteor Tutorial

Saw some recent pushes on the Velocity and Cucumber front, got inspired to learn, so I wrote a tutorial along the way.


Covers getting started, watching the output in the logs, using tags, creating a user with a fixture, using a before hook, clicking a button, etc.

Used what I found in places like the xolvio:cucumber repo and a great article by @joshowens.

Wondering if anyone finds it helpful.


This is excellent work @mhurwi

I’m delighted to see people doing ReactiveBDD!

Awesome tutorial. Finally, it starts to make sense :smile:

BTW - you have a missing image just above “Using NPM dependencies.”

This is great. Thank you!

Super! Fixed the gif.

I also updated the bit on NPM packages.

Looks like, as of xolvio:cucumber version 0.9.0, ‘npm install’ runs automatically. No more ‘unresolved NPM dependency’ issue.