A call for major update of Meteor Guide


Putting it into core because it’s really as important IMO as any core feature.


Ah, bummer… they dismissed it.
If I was in charge of Meteor-like effort I would put the most into keeping my community happy, most notably through putting a lot of effort into docs.
Won’t be happening here though :frowning:


@avalanche1 You might be interested to know that I’m just finalizing updates for todos that include upgrading to react-router 4 (along with code changes to better align with react-router 4’s way of thinking about things). The changes are pretty much done, and I’ll be updating the Guide to match those changes. This won’t be a complete Guide overhaul, but the sections that touch on routing will be updated very shortly. You can see the app changes here.


Cool! Can’t wait to see! I refer to this project quite often, so this makes me happy!