A central resource for MeteorJS Video guides / tutorials and examples


I’m really excited about the guide :slight_smile: It seems to be getting lots of updates and now has some really great tips and examples in there! Awesome job! :+1:

I’d love it if there was a section or separate website for video guides too. I like the theosophy of a picture paints a thousand words and sometimes think some of the content in the guide would be better explained via a video.

A great learning resource for a PHP framework called Laravel is this website: https://laracasts.com. Its really clear, professional and well structured. It’s a great resource for learning the framework really well!

Some of the content on there is free and some is paid. Perhaps this could be a nice model to copy as source of revenue for Meteor? Alternatively the website could be community driven if Meteor doesn’t have the resources and people like the idea?

Just some thoughts,
Thanks for reading :slight_smile: