A declarative vision for Meteor and React apps & flux hype?

I created a starter framework that shows how to create declarative, data-driven app. I’m using this framework myself for developing a CRM-like system for a client.

One thing I’m still questioning is why all the hype about flux. I created this framework without anything like flux. I think I’m on the path to basically using meteor minimongo as a the equivalent of a flux store, but I’m not sure if there are downsides to my “architecture”. If somebody can poke holes in the way that I’m doing things, I’m open to feedback.


I think this thread might answer your question about flux: Is there really any need to use Flux in Meteor?

Thanks! This pretty much answered my question.

@SkinnyGeek1010 would be curious to get your opinion on this experimental framework. I just improved the Readme to try to clarify the vision and features. I’m looking to find out how I can improve and make it useful.

@arunoda I’m using flow-router and Reaktor, it worked great, I simply created a thin layer on top of flow-router, automatically configure routes based on a module definition.