A Discord Server?


Do we have a discord server? I have searched and found none, there are a lot of discord tech communities which help their users to find quick answers or discuss enhancement. Should we have one?

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We have a Slack community: https://meteor-community.slack.com/


Oh, thanks. Still I would have preferred discord, have been using the slack for work many years and I started to hate it long ago, it is so tech-user unfriendly, replying to a particular message is still a challenge.
Would anyone be interested if I open a discord server? Telegram all do.

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I’ve been pushing for a discord channel too :slight_smile: We have a Level Up Tutorials Meteor room here https://discord.gg/ccMC6kB


I see its not very meteor-orienter, looks good, but it would be great to have a dedicated meteor-only server. Less distractions - better :slight_smile:

We have a meteor community discord: https://discord.gg/hwtF9U9, but it’s not active as it seems most people prefer to stick with slack.


Oh, great. I joined. Hope more member will join.