A few basic Cordova questions

Hey all!

I was thinking about Cordova and had some pretty basic questions that hopefully can be answered here:

  1. Are there any good Meteor+Cordova tutorials out there? Especially with regards to formatting/layout, and special iOS and Android only functionality? (accessing the camera, mic, GPS, etc)
  2. Is it possible to sell (in the AppStore or Google Play) an app built with Meteor+Cordova?


There are different places where you can get started with Cordova, one of them being The Beginners Guide to Mobile Development with Meteor by David or even the second half of chapter 11 of Meteor in Action (disclaimer: I am the author).

In regards to formatting I found it easiest to start with a dedicated mobile UI framework such as Meteoric. Have a look at the sample packages and apps provided by MDG to understand how to use camera and GPS.

Selling your apps on both market places is possible, all you need to do is register as a developer/merchant, which is 99$/year for iOS and 25$ one-time-fee for Android.


I am also interested in building iOS and Android apps for App Store and Google play.
Is this possible with Meteor?
So far I was using Sencha Touch Web Framework and PhoneGap Build Web Service to package my app into Phonegap browser and then using PhoneGap Build Web Service to generate files for App Store and Google Play.
How would this work with Meteor? I saw some tutorials talking about needing to have Xcode and android SDK. Why would I need any of it when I am making web app. Makes no sense.
So I am just looking for some info to put me in the right direction.
Should I be using Ionic port for Meteor as a collection of user interface components?
So, I am working on windows, I don’t have mac, xcode or android SDK and I would like to avoid having to use them.
I have Mac in cloud which I use for final stage of deploying app to app store and I would like to keep it this way.
Thanks in advance for any info.