A few questions about server to server DDP and minimongo


Assume we have two separate apps A & B, each with clients and with their own DB.
Now, if we do a DDP connection from the server code in A to the other server B, I notice that you either have to subscribe to get the data from B or use allow/deny.
Once I subscribe A to a publication on B:

  • where does the data that arrives into A get stored? Does the server have its own minimongo holding the subscribed data?
  • what is the this.userId within the publication on B? How can we check who subscribed? Could it be the connectionId?


  1. Yes. Server-only minimongo. Which can be an advantage as it actually acts like an in-memory cache.
  2. I do not use user accounts, so do not know.


You could also have A call a Meteor method declared on B


Server only mini-mongo. Now for the kicker…

Can I write publications based on those mini-mongo collections on A that A’s own clients could use?


Is this related? Should I limit publication over DDP?