A fun quiz to discover who's the smartest developer at your office, built with Meteor, Vue and Deepstream


Hi all,

I finished my third Meteor project: a realtime quiz platform.
Play this quiz with your colleagues and discover who’s the smartest developer at your office. There are 5 rounds full of startup and typical dev questions. You can play with a beamer, a TV, iPads, whatever… No need to create an account, just enter the players’ names and start!


  • Quiz Editor: Meteor
  • Realtime Play Engine: Vue and deepstream (had some performance issues with meteor, this quiz needs really fast realtime updates)

Let me know what you think. Enjoy playing!


Congrats! Looking forward to checking this out when I get home, as I struggled initially with meteor reactivity speed keeping client states rapidly in sync while working on wtq.io but ultimately found that single document subscriptions and observeChanges with oplog tailing worked well enough. Possible upcoming changestream implementation looks like it might make it even faster, too.

Had never heard of deepstream, very cool project thanks for sharing.


Yep I also did a single doc subscription + oplog tailing. But sometimes I still had a one second delay and I realised I don’t need every game state to be saved to a DB (which is only overhead). I then tried Firebase, also not that fast (even sometimes 3 secs before clients sync). After some research I ran into deepstream and man it’s fast! Consistent performance. Very happy with the Meteor / Deepstream combo.


I considered this too and eventually went with keeping game states in the DB to give the app pause/resume functionality without zero extra code required!