A good React-friendly chart/graph library?

Can anyone recommend any good React-friendly chart/graph libraries? HighCharts looked cool, but it’s commercial, and I’d prefer something that’s open source. react-sparklines looks cool, though you can’t mouse over to get actual data, unfortunately (it’s obviously just for a quick glimpse of general data history).

I’ve used both highcharts and charts.js with react.
highcharts is way nicer!
the highcharts licence for a single app without support is not too expensive if you are building a commercial app, it is free to use for non-commercial apps.

Ahh, I didn’t scroll down far enough to see the single app license. That’s not bad.

EDIT: Actually, it might be $390. The cheapest plan sounds like you can’t have client-specific data.

Other alternatives:

You’re right about that, I overlooked that myself :blush:
Anyway, you’ve found plenty of other options.

I dont have experience with any other than chart.js.
It was simple enough, I just installed the NPM package and imported it with a require statement.

Have you looked at Fusion Charts?

I’ll check it out, thanks!

Fusioncharts and Charts.js both look good, but the one thing I cannot find online is how to get them into Meteor + React… and examples on this? I mean, if Charts.js and Fusioncharts are not in Atmosphere/NPM, how do I link to them and get it all to work in my app? I am a hobbyist, so please excuse my naivety. Any code examples anywhere? Thanks :slight_smile:

I recommend Recharts: http://recharts.org

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Awesome, didn’t even know about that one! Thanks Sacha.