A GUI-based iOS and Android mobile app builder - request for feedback?


We’ve built a system (using meteor) that lets you create and publish an iOS and Android mobile app, without any coding. You can choose your own icons, launch images etc.

Currently it works for data capture i.e. replacing paper forms. We’ve built our own form builder to enable this. We’re working on a booking and payments component next.

It (asynchronously, automatically) submits to the app store, and with some minor manual intervention at our end, to the Google Play store as well. Publication is under our own account(s).

My question is this: Do you think you (and other meteor users) would pay to use such a system? We built it primarily for users in Occupational Health & Safety, but it has occurred to me that developers would also find it useful to accelerate their own development. Any thoughts or feedback are welcome.


I’ve been contemplating about building such app builder myself for a couple of years now (but never found enough time to put in :frowning: ) and would definitely pay for it. Though I would like a web app builder as well.


Thanks miro.

I should have mentioned it gives a web interface too (by virtue of being meteor + cordova), although you don’t get full functionality through the web interface (e.g. taking pictures or pre-populating emails is something you can’t do so easily through the web interface).