<a href="tel:+01-562-867-5309">1-562-867-5309</a> initiates call automatically

The following code

<a href="tel:123-456-7890">123-456-7890</a>

Initiates a call automatically in iOS.

I need some kind of warning… such as pop up saying

call 123-456-7890 ?

and if the user wants to call then they can press Call or else Cancel.

How do I fix this on iOS?

Did you try telprompt: instead of tel: on iOS?

That did not work. I also tried telprompt:// and tel://

both did not work. When I tap on the phone number, it places a call directly. It does not prompt user if they want to dial the number…

Use a standard javascript onclick confirm box if iOS doesn’t do it by itself?

This seems more like an iOS issue rather than a Meteor issue. Maybe post on StackOverflow?

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Done. Stackoverflow link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/38214844/meteor-disable-calling-automatically-on-ios-when-tapping-on-phone-number