A library of images on the server

Really starting to enjoy meteor but I’m a slow learner. I’m a bit confused with collections on server and client, particularly with an external image library. I would like to keep it on my own server. Picking one of them will store the url and name of the image in an items collection for that user. I hope you understand what I’m after and give me a hint that helps me understand how to do this.

one popular go-to package for storing a file inventory in Meteor:

this package can be integrated with file uploading, thumbnail generation, and lets you store additional metadata about each file

However, I personally use S3 for file storage, where packages like CollectionFS are not needed (my user document stores a simple filename string, which I use to infer the S3 resource url)

Thanks. Just checking: are you saying that I can store images on my own server using cfs:filesystem?

Yes, you can configure a server location to store files at