A little help with Serversessions

I’ve recently taken over a project and trying to make sense of some large document fetches from Mongo and trying to get a better understanding about how SeverSession works. It appears that every time a user connects it is grabbing the entire contents of the serversession collection, which is currently about 4000 records. We seem to be using ServerSession to save various bits of information, i.e. ServerSession.set(“someId”, pID).

Does ServerSession automatically clean up after itself once a user closes or logs out? I’m guessing not since we have about 4000 entries and maybe 2 or 3 users currently. Is there a way to force a cleanup?

Having looked into this a little more it appears that they are using Matteo’s meteor-server-session package and that sessions are not unique to each connection and are not automatically removed when the client closes the connection - hence there are now over 4000 entries in the serversession collection on Prod which is fetched each time a user logs in and is reloaded multiple times. I’m looking into erasaur:server-session package but the fact sessions can only be set from server is probably a dealbreaker for just dropping it in.