A new test driver from Gagarin is now available

I am happy to announce that I’ve just published a new mocha-based test driver

It exposes the same api as particalmeteor:mocha but it offers a different approach to reporting. It is also not bound to any particular version of mocha - you can manually install whatever version you want.

The default reporter uses xterm.js, which allows us to choose from all mocha built in reporters:


Sweet! It’s exciting to see that Gagarin is still getting development! :smiley:

Will this driver allow us to specify wildcards paths like the original? Or does it just look for *.test.js files? Have you had any success scanning test files from packages with this driver? Are the client.execute() and server.execute() functions available, or will we need to use if(Meteor.isClient){...}?


Hey Abigail!

Thanks for the interest. Currently this test driver has very little to do with the original Gagarin framework so unfortunately no server code injections are available now. In fact it does not offer more functionality than practicalmeteor:mocha, but it has nicer reporters and it does not force you to use a fork of mocha.

Glad to see you still around Tomasz! :slight_smile:

What does the rest of the road map look like for this? Support for automatically generated Meteor/Package stubs would be interesting.

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Hi Devon :slight_smile:

Can you explain a bit more what specific use cases you are thinking about?