A new version of fulbacho.net is out there!


Hi dears,
I just deployed a new version of my meteor-app ( https://www.fulbacho.net ) which includes
performance improvements, better mobile views, and a complete refactor
of the code.
Your feedback is welcome as usual!

I’m planing to open-source the project in the near future. In the meanwhile, if someone wants to contribute here are some options:
1- Use the app to organize your sports activities,
2- Give me some feedback: things to improve, report bugs, etc.
3- If you are really motivated, you can help translating fulbacho to German, Dutch or Italian. Have a look at the following links:

Thanks in advance!


Thanks. Great clip on the home page, I found myself watching it for a while haha.

Where is the clip from? What is this off-shoot of soccer called?


Hey @aadams! thanks for the comment

The video was made in Enschede (Netherlands) where I organize the football games… and concerning the soccer-style… let’s say it’s called speed-soccer: it never stops because of the walls, haha


Hey Federico, cool site.

Just noticed that it doesn’t let me use the back button on chrome to go back. It redirects the same page.


Hi streemo,

Is the way I keep the audience using fulbacho, haha…

Thanks for the observation, I’ll take a look!


Hi, cool app.I’ll clone your app, haha.


Hi nxcong,

Glad you like the app! Wait until I open source it, so we can work together :slight_smile: The clone would take too long. I spent 9 months already on this project :confused: