A poem about my love for Blaze & Meteor (up for 5 days)

I wrote a poem about Meteor and Blaze:
I encourage all Meteor users to try it out and write their own meta-blaze program.

I was very excited to share it but unfortunately I don’t have the ability to make it secure, so I can only offer it for a few days. I think it’s possible to host this type of thing on Sandstorm, but it’s not yet ready. I will have to take the site down in a few days, just to be responsible, but if anyone out there with dev ops skills can help me host this I would be stoked.

I just want to say Meteor is so amazing, I would call it poetic, and this is meant only to be my homage to such a framework. Basically, it writes itself, as the great poets tend to do.


Holy crap, blaze.haus is amazing! Great work! This needs more attention!

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Agreed. This is a thing of beauty.

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Hello looshi,

First and foremost congratulations this is an awesome creation you have.
There are a lot of people in the community with experience in hosting. I have heard several success stories utilizing heroku. I’m not sure what you had in mind in terms of accounts, but take a look at the Orionjs project. The guys there have done a great job with security , and hosting, and I believe that setting up Haus as an Orion attribute may be a potential option.


Nice work!! Yes please try to keep it up :smile:

@rahul just made my day : http://blaze.haus/template/wKez29rCq4rGHJMNN :smile:

Thanks for the kind words. To be fair, Blaze Haus is inspired by, and really just a subset of Meteorpad , but geared more towards designers and front-end programming.

For me personally, messing with small graphics programs was the gateway drug into programming. Blaze Haus is a potential way for people brand new to front-end template coding to try it out, and then maybe they are inspired to learn more. Also, it’s kind of fun just to mess with.

Meteorpad utilizes some forward thinking concepts, and from what I gather its deployment strategy is similar to launching an app on Sandstorm. I don’t think Blaze Haus needs to go that far since it’s scope is much smaller, but it does need to define and implement at least a basic security strategy before reaching an audience outside of this forum. There’s no sensitive data, and also I don’t really mind if people manage to take down the server ( you get extra points for that ) , I’ll just restart it. So, with that in mind hopefully it’s going to make it a little easier. @rwatts thanks for the suggestion I will look into it. And if anyone else has suggestions please send them my way.

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@looshi I have made the Orionjs project owner aware of your creation here. He agrees that this is a really nice application, and we are going to look into how we can build it into Orionjs. This may be a great collaboration effort from all parties and could take Haus to the next level if you are interested. Visit the project at http://github.com/orionjs/core . Look in Issues for Haus Integration , and let’s begin the discussion.

I would love to see this built into Orion , so that you can utilize the power of Orion on top of Haus , and we can give the community a great product. The security issues can be worked out together.