A quick guide to get started with the community

So I took a bit of time to write a short intro into community and where to find what. So if you are new here and would like to know where to get started I hope this will be useful to you. For the veterans I hope that you can comments and suggest if I’m missing anything important.


This is really nice @storyteller :clap::clap::clap:


This article seemed to have gotten quiet a lot of exposure lately.

Nice content, @storyteller!

Regarding Discord, we are right now creating a new server that will that will be the official one, maintained by us. We’ll share news about it soon :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t it be better to take over one of them? One is currently fully community and the other one looks official, there I think it is just a matter of updating the admins I think.

We thought about that, but since we don’t know who are the admins and wanted to start this initiative ASAP, we realized it’s just easier to do it and then let people know about it there :slight_smile:

I think @zodern might be an admin there. My Discord is bugged right now, so I can’t get there, but once I do I’ll let you know. Either way it would be great to consolidate Discord into one if possible.

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