A truly *FULL* stack for meteor


Is there any um … framework/repo that provides an entire solution for meteor deployment. By entire solution I mean out of the box it provides

  • deployment to docker (AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Container Engine, …)
  • automated backup
  • automated upgrading (pushing a new version doesn’t take your site down)
  • automated scaling of meteor (set the number of servers to run in one number)
  • automated scaling of mongo (to the extent possible)
  • automated logging
  • automated downtime notification

Yes I know that’s asking a lot but there’s no reason in 2016 that all of those features couldn’t be part of some truly FULL stack solution.

Does such a thing exist at the moment?


You’re asking a bit much of a ‘full’ stack deployment platform there. However, Mupx does a lot of this (deploys to docker, can set up multiple mongodb’s (replica-sets), can re-deploy etc).

As for the other stuff, downtime notification I have no idea. There’s probably an NPM package for this somewhere. Same with logging. In fact I’d be surprised if there aren’t any npm packages for these two.

As for scaling of Meteor, I’m sure @arunoda also set up cluster. It’s not been updated in a while though so not sure how well it’s still working. Basically it does what you’re asking above, you can deploy to a cluster of servers and has load-balancing built-in.

I hope this helps.