A Vue.js integration example (with a twist)

Haven’t seen enough Vue.js examples floating around, so I decided to add one myself. I found a project by @niallobrien (thanks, Niall!), which I used as a base. I then updated all packages and added a few features here and there, such as coffeescript, jade, and stylus support.


I had to remove vue-validator, which I couldn’t get working with Vue 1.x. I’ll try to add support for it eventually, although it’s just icing for the purpose of this example.

This is my current favorite web development mix. I encourage you to test this out if you’re new to any of these packages, which I’ve used extensively for a few years now (except obviously for Vue, which I’m seriously considering for future projects).

I hope this helps someone! Let me know if you find any room for improvement.


Thanks for the kind words @bkuri
Have you seen @evanyou’s Meteor + Vue example? He keeps the SPA out of the Meteor build process (in a .client hidden folder) and simply uses Meteor as the backend. Seems like the best approach as you could use Vue-cli to scaffold out a Vue project with Webpack etc.
https://www.npmjs.com/package/vue-meteor-data might come in handy too. :slightly_smiling:

Let me know how you get on, I haven’t used this setup in a while, but it was a lot of fun.

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I did take a look at that example a couple of weeks ago. I have to say, I’m still a bit wary of using webpack for asset loading.

As you can probably tell by my package combination, I am a sucker for simple, clean code, and webpack honestly gives me the creeps. I tend to favor brunch for non-meteor projects, which is much simpler to use and AFAIK does the same things that webpack with a much cleaner config file syntax. Then again, I’ll definitely pick up on webpack if there’s something that brunch can’t do with regards to Vue.

That vue-meteor-data package looks super helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! Very interested in your example, and really good to see that there are more ppl interested in clean and simple coding, especially since more and more code seems to exist of braindead writing of imports and exports…

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