About logo builder web apps


I’m new to meteor. I want to know can I make logo maker or presentation maker web apps with just using meteor (i mean without using other frameworks like jquery or react)??

here comes samples:

If answer is no, What is the easiest framework or alternative?



I believe your questions hints that you are not just new to Meteor, but programming. So I would suggest taking a step back, and learning programming (or hiring a developer).

You can use Blaze instead of React, which will require jQuery.

Meteor is the easiest framework, you are in the right place.

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Thanx for your reply. I’ve programming background on unity/C# and ASP.net and lingo.
I’ve heard meteor is full stack framework, if so why I should use other front end framework?

Do i think wrong? please inform me.

While Meteor is full stack, it doesn’t force you to use any view layer (Blaze/React/Vue/Angular/Etc) in particular. If you really wanted you could use Meteor’s reactive data libraries on the client side without any view layer and do all DOM manipulation in vanillajs.

The vast bulk of the work associated with a visual logo builder will be the same regardless of the view layer, data layer and back-end you choose. Meteor will make the data handling, accounts, compilation / tooling and other boilerplate aspects of the project easier so you can focus on the hard part yourself