About the Planet Earth category


This is a category to discuss all things happening on Planet Earth.

What you are encouraged to post here:

  • Real life meet-ups, conferences, hackathons and events you plan to attend or discuss
  • Real life stories, from your professional or personal experience
  • Discuss your interests outside of your text-editor: running a business or a company with Meteor? Use the apps you built in your school or with friends? Tell us stories.
  • Fan art
  • Not-fan art

Any forum needs a place for people to have an unstructured casual conversation about stuff :slight_smile: Let this be such place.


Good one :smile:
So, this is the non-meteor category. Or better, non-technical category?


All categories are one word lower cases. Perhaps call this one irl or meatspace or planet earth or …


Since this is a different category, it’s kind a okay to have a different approach.


When displaying categories, it really not look homogeneous: