Abrir un <textarea> con un click

Hola a todos los de la comunidad,
Estoy tratando de crear un textarea después de dar clic a un botón y me ha costado conseguir algo serio en internet.

En este pedazo de código es con el quiero crear un evento ó mejor dicho abrir en bloque <div>

<div class="panel-footer">
<a name="comentar" id="comentar"><span class="btn btn-primary btn-sm glyphicon glyphicon-comment"> Comentar</span></a>

el evento que quiero es que abra un textarea ó un bloque <div> que ya tengo y lo he usado pero no consigo que me funcione acá.

Este es el código probado que quiero que abra después del clic

<div class="publish-box-contenedor">
    <div class="panel panel-primary publishbox">
      <div class="panel-body" style="background-color: lightblue;">
        <textarea class="form-control" id="publish-text" placeholder="¿Que estas buscando?"></textarea>
        <div class="pull-right btnGroup">
          {{#if currentUser}}
            <button class="btn btn-primary pull-right" id="publicar" style="margin-top: 10px;">Publicar</button>

¿Como puedo hacer para llamar o usar el “publish-box-contenedor” dentro del “panel-footer” despues del clic?

Gracias de antemano por la ayuda.!

For the sake of being able to help. Can you stick to English? Also for others to be able to be helped its much better.


I agree with @cloudspider. Using other languages means fewer members will be able to help. Moderation is also much harder.

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@robfallows @cloudspider thank guys for your comment, I do not speak English so I used google traslate sorry the grammar in any case:

My post:
Hello to everyone in the community,
I am trying to create a text after clicking on a button and it has cost me to get something serious on the internet.

In this piece of code is with the desire to create an event rather said open block

< code number 1 >

the event I want is to open a text or block <div> that already has it and has used it but that makes it work correctly.

This is the tested code that I want after clicking

< code number 2 >

How can I call or use the “publish-box-container” within the “footer-panel” after the click?

Thanks in advance for the help.!