Acceptance testing without cucumber with velocity


I was wondering is it currently possible to use directly with velocity?
I’m not a big fan of cucumber due to the amount of indirection it adds. I’d rather write tests directly with using Page model.


Not with velocity. I use nightwatch with phantomjs (Firefox if I have to debug a test).

I’ll be very happy once I figure out how to setup selenium grid on my 8 core desktop and fire up the tests from my laptop.


You can also use Jasmine or Mocha with You can find a guide for sanjo:jasmine here:


@manuel Have you seen this?

Velocity will be developed to support distributed testing in the next few months :wink:


aye, can’t wait for it… No seriously, I can’t wait for it :slight_smile: That’s why I’m using Nightwatch in parallel on my laptop.


Cucumber 0.6.0-rc.7 is out, please help test it and note the breaking changes.