Access cordova build from browser

Is there any way to view the cordova version from a web browser? I’m serving up a web and cordova build from the same URL. Can I spoof the user agent or…?

I don’t really get your question. What do you mean by “serving a web and cordova build from the same URL”? This is the case anyways, if you run a Meteor server. The only real code differences happen if you place code inside a Meteor.isCordova block.

That’s not the case. My app has two packages in it. One builds only for web.cordova and the other only for web.browser. My mobile apps point at my production website, but they are served up the Cordova package and the regular web browser traffic is served up the Web package. I’m wondering how I can spoof the endpoint to return the Cordova package.

To help clarify. is my website. If I go there I get the ‘web.browser’ bundle. It is built with react/redux

When I build my cordova app I build it with --server It is served the web.cordova bundle. It is built with angular/ionic.

Is there any way to access the cordova app in a web browser?

Ok, I see. I never tried that and would not expect it would work.

The Cordova bundle isn’t served directly from the server, it’s downloaded to the device’s file storage and then served by a local web server embedded in the app. So I doubt that you can make the regular server deliver the files to a web browser.