Access env.var and options inside app


Hello folks,

I was going to implement this feature request on ostrio:files package. But stuck with a question:

How to access next options and env.vars inside application at Server and Client?:

  3. --mobile-server argument

I’m sorry if this question is obvious, but for some reason, I cannot figure this out. I was 100% sure it will be placed into __meteor_runtime_config__, but it isn’t.

Thanks in advance.


Just guessing: I think the —mobile-server option is not really accessible in client code as it is used at compile time by cordova. After that it is the root url i guess. Maybe those env vars behave the same. The client code in the app connects to a localhost 127.* ip webserver once it is started and does not need to know these settings.


Good guess, thank you.

I’m looking for reference or tested code sample.
Hopefully someone who are building Cordova app on daily basis could step-in.


You should be able to get the mobile-server config on the server with process.env.MOBILE_ROOT_URL at startup and on the client with meteor_runtime_config.ROOT_URL in Meteor.isCordova mode.