Access Existing Mongo Collection Declared in an App from a Package

Does anyone know an easy way to access a collection that is declared within the shared lib directory in a meteor based project (project/lib/collections.js) from within the code of a meteor plugin/package? Is there any method such as Mongo.getCollection?

I need to be able to make a new reactive publication for that collection and also subscribe to it from a template declared within a package, and no I cannot alter the code within the main meteor project.

Is there even a way to do this or is it meant to be impossible for some security reasons? Or have i just missed something obvious?

This is what I have looked at:
const db = MongoInternals.defaultRemoteCollectionDriver().mongo.db;

And I have come up with the following code for the server side:

function mongoFindCall(collectionName, query, what) {
  return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {
    db.collection(collectionName).find(query, what).toArray(
      function(err, items) {
        if (err) {
        } else {

Meteor.publish('messages', function() {
  let subscription = this;
   mongoFindCall('messages', {}, {}).then(function(messages) {

     messages.forEach(message => {
       subscription.added("messages", new Meteor.Collection.ObjectID()._str, message);

   }, function(err) {
     console.error('The promise was rejected', err, err.stack);

The problem is that the code is not reactive. And the next question is if that could be made reactive, how do I serve the data in the template? I have subscribed to the publication using this code within Template onCreated and autorun:

Meteor.subscribe('messages', {
   onReady: function () { console.log(arguments); },
   onError: function () { console.log("onError", arguments); }

I did of course find the answer to my own question almost immediately after I posted the question, I realized that i had formulated my search quires incorrectly when I did search for a solution. When i instead searched for Mongo get Meteor collection by name (or something similar) i got to this stack overflow post:
in which the last answer suggested a package to be used. Here i found a issue that stated that the feature exist within meteor:

To access the collection on the client side i wrote Meteor.connection._stores['messages']._getCollection() and on the server i had to write MongoInternals.defaultRemoteCollectionDriver().open('messages')