Access from China


We have a Meteor Website that does not work from China.

The error is from IronRouter: "oops looks like there’s no route on the client or the server for url" <= with the dot

On the navigator URL there is of course no dot.
And the site works from every part of the World and using a VPN from China, but not without a VPN.

Someone can help us ?


Visit from china, it works without vpn.

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I assume that is only a placeholder for the real domain name :joy:

The real site is

it’s also work

It does not work everywhere.
Can I ask you where are you in China exactly and what browser you’re using ?
Thank you for your help.

You’ll likely need a server in Singapore to run a mirror copy. We deal with this issue, too.

You can try a CDN, not sure how it would perform.

shanghai china, firefox53.0 (64-bit)

it does NOT work from germany.

I see a screen with this message:

Oops, looks like there's no route on the client or the server for url: "" 

From Germany ? Wow that’s something new… How comes ? Do you have something in the console ?

I know that it’s surely not the place to ask for debugging, but how can I debug this one myself ?

Thanks for any help that you could give me…

Ok, I checked it a bit deeper.

When using firefox I am getting the “oopps” page. Console is empty.

Good news is that it works in Google Chrome.

In firefox I have an adblocker installed doing all kinds of stuff (probably blocking cookies?), so I guess this might be causing the issue over here. Though I can log into my standard meteor sites using firefox

Thank you very much for your reply. It is hard to tell if it is browser extensions that cause the error since other sites work for you. Anyway thank you very much all for your replies. We will investigate further.

Works on an iPhone at Dongguan train station in southern China.