Access mongo db from another IP


I’m need to access mongodb from another computer on the network, there I must insert a few records on a collection and read some of them as well. I tried with BIND_IP= and BIND_IP= and didn’t work. Also tried with with ssh -L 3001:localhost:3001 user@ and I was able to connect and insert contents but it might not be the ideal solution as I need to keep this ssh connection open. How can I solve this problem?

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I have the same question with you~~ still finding the answer :joy:


Hi @cecilcosta
Have you restart mongodb service ?


BIND_IP is used when starting up meteor and mongo.

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Been investigating this issue, it looks as though you want to BIND_IP as when running Meteor, it defaults to – which causes a whacky issue.

On a regular production deployment, you would just change that in your MongoDB settings. But I’m building a dev server and am frustrated this isn’t working. Will report back when working.