<access origin="*"> I dont hope this rule

Im using Meteor

my mobile-config.js added
access rule is this line only.

But, generated config.xml (.meteor/local/cordova-build/platforms/android/config.xml) is
<access rule="*" /> <access rule="https://*.instagram.com/*" />
Why two line?

I have two questions.
1 what mean <access rule="*" />?
all access domain ?? I dont hope this.

2 How to delete <access rule="*" />

please teach.

hi sasa,

if you are running your app points to a meteor server directly to an IP address instead of a domain name, access rule = ‘*’ would be added.

I think reading the source code of the building script would give u a better idea. (line 149 ~ 151)

exactly !!.
Thank you for your kindness