Accessing array element using handlebars

I am using SimpleSchema for a Building document (see below). I am trying to show the latitude and longitude for the building in a table but the latitude and longitude don’t show up. How do I access the latitude and longitude?

   {{#each all_buildings}} 
   <tr data-id="{{_id}}" > 
     <td>{{location.coordinates.[1]}}</td> <!-- shows blank -->
     <td>{{location.coordinates.[0]}}</td> <!-- shows blank -->

The code for my schemas is below:

Buildings = new Meteor.Collection("Buildings");
Schemas.Buildings = new SimpleSchema({
  'name': {
    type: String,
    label: 'What is the name of the building?',
    max: 200,
    unique: true
  'address': {
    type: String,
    label: "What is the street address?",
    max: 200,
    optional: true
  'region': {
    type: String,
    allowedValues: ['Fort Simpson','Fort Smith','Yellowknife'],
    label: "What region is the building in?",
    autoform: {
      firstOption: false,
      options: 'allowed'
    optional: false
  'location': {
    type: Schemas.Locations

Schemas.Locations = new SimpleSchema({
  'type': {
    type: String,
    allowedValues: ["Point"]
  'coordinates': {
    type: Array,
    minCount: 2,
    maxCount: 2
  'coordinates.$': {
    type: Number,
    decimal: true,
    custom: function() {
      if(!(0 <= this.value[0] <= 90))
        return 'lonOutOfRange';
      if(!(-180 <= this.value[1] <= 0))
        return 'latOutOfRange';
Schemas.Locations.messages = {
  lonOutOfRange: "Longitude out of range. Must be a positive number",
  latOutOfRange: "Latitude out of range. Must be a negative number"

Why create an array for latitude and longitude? You can just make an object

The locations schema conforms to the geoJson format. I use the location attribute of a building to plot it on a map.