Accessing NPM package source code in project

I am using meteorhacks:npm in my project, and need to modify some source code of an npm module. Once I test out the code, I plan on submitting a pull request to the npm module in question. However, for quick and easy testing, I’m having trouble figuring out where the code I want to modify is located. I found the node modules I’m using both in:




However, when I try to modify the code in either of these folders, it doesn’t seem to do anything. I tried putting console.log(); statements throughout the npm package source code to see if it was being executed, but it doesn’t appear it is. I know meteor downloads a good portion of an app during each build from source, but is there a quick and easy way to test out these changes without creating a whole new repository or private npm package and pointing to it?

You can make changes directly in your apps .meteor/local/isopacks/npm-container/npm/node_modules/ directory, but they won’t be picked up until you restart Meteor (definitely a pain while developing, but it will work).

The good news is that npm link should work with Meteor 1.3.

After painstakingly trying a bunch of different things, I finally figured that out. Yeah, it sounds like when 1.3 comes out, it is going to help a lot :slight_smile: Of course, it also means re-writing part of my application to make it work :wink: