Accessing static files in meteor

How to access files in meteor. I have problems in getting the path work in windows local machine and also when I deploy to

My files are located in .uploads/template/ folder inside my meteor app

I tried to use process.env.PWD but this come as undefined in windows,

Then I decided to get the path with
var base = process.cwd();
console.log(“base path:”, base);
var afterresolvefind = base.split(‘.meteor’)[0];
var path = Meteor.npmRequire(‘path’);
var inputpath = “.uploads//templates//input.docx”
filepath = path.join(afterresolvefind, inputpath);

this works perfectly in windows local machine, but the folder organisation in meteor deployed in different.

If I use process.env.PWD it just gives “/” so I am not able to access the directory and the files in both places with same code.

The Meteor way to access your files for reading is putting them in the private folder and accessing them with assets

I don’t think the client can access files in the private folder.

Since he was refering to process.cwd and npm.require, i thought he meant server side…

I am doing it in server

In my process I am also saving some pictures that users upload to the .uploads that I have created and I need to refer them as well. So I think in that case if I use the private folder and upload the pictures the server may restart.(I am assuming), but I dont want this to happen. What is the right way of handling this?