Account-base package [SOLVED]

I’m close to deploy my first app with Meteor and I’m changing the registration a little bit because it was quit simple: username and password. So I’m adding also email.

We know how to use either email or username on the registration but what happens if we need both? Is this possible?

And also, is account-base a good idea for production apps? Wouldn’t better to create our own methods and manage this by ourselves?

Thanks guys!

Why do you need both email and username?

Email itself should be unique which is sufficient for login purpose.

But I guess if you want to be extra secure you can check there’s a document with email = username, and then send both email and password for verification using standard method.

And why not?

I want to have more information about my users. That’s an example but I’d need more info like address, birthday, etc. It’s not related with security.

The solution is create as many fields as I want and onCreateUser get them and save this on my ddbb More info: