Account-ui error


I am new to MeteorJS. I have created a new meteor project and i am able to see the default page in browser. Then i have added accounts-ui package. Getting this below error.

While processing files with templating-compiler (for target web.browser):
packages/accounts-ui-unstyled/login_buttons_dropdown.html:190: unclosed

meteor version - METEOR@1.5.1

package installed:

below packages are added while adding accounts-ui in my project.

accounts-base added, version 1.3.1
accounts-ui added, version 1.1.9
accounts-ui-unstyled added, version 1.2.1
ddp-rate-limiter added, version 1.0.7
less added, version 2.7.9
localstorage added, version 1.1.1
rate-limit added, version 1.0.8
reactive-dict added, version 1.1.9
service-configuration added, version 1.0.11
session added, version 1.1.7


I managed to resolve this issues. i have deleted accounts-ui, accounts-ui-unstyled folders from C:\Users\username\AppData\Local.meteor\packages directory as i had earlier versions of accounts-ui in that folders. Started meteor without any issues now.