"Accounts.config was called on the client but not on the server" only in Cordova

I’m getting the above error when I run my app with android-device, but not when I run it in a browser.

If I add console.log('Accounts.config') directly before the call to Accounts.config() then I see the following in the log:

WARNING: You are testing your app on a remote device. For the mobile app to be
         able to connect to the local server, make sure your device is on the
         same network, and that the network configuration allows clients to
         talk to each other (no client isolation).
I20160805-10:23:34.945(12)? Accounts.config
=> Started your app.

So given this error is not reported when not running in Cordova, and that even when running with Cordova the console.log would indicate that code has been gotten to, I think this might be a bug?