Accounts.createUser fails



I recently upgraded to 1.2 (and just patched with and I noticed that my user registration isn’t working correctly anymore. I’m currently getting the following error:

You've been logged out by the server. Please log in again.

More detailed:

error: 403
errorType: "Meteor.Error"
message: "You've been logged out by the server. Please log in again. [403]"
reason: "You've been logged out by the server. Please log in again."

My code is pretty simple and used to work just fine:

var accountDetails = {
   email: username,
   password: password,
   profile: {
     firstName: firstname,
     lastName: lastname

Accounts.createUser( accountDetails, function( error ) {
  if( error ) {
    console.log(error);   // <-- The error triggered!
  else {
    Meteor.loginWithPassword(, accountDetails.password, function( error ) {
      if( error ) {
      else {

Is anyone else experiencing issues with this? Any help/insights would be much appreciated.



Shouldn’t this line


Meteor.loginWithPassword( {email:, password: accountDetails.password}, function( error ) {



Not according to the documentation it is:

We tracked down the issue since posting. It turned out that there was a problem with connecting to our email provider’s API to send a welcome aboard email. However, the error wasn’t properly handled and caught by the Accounts package whom in turn reported it as one of it’s own errors.

Exceptions in Javascript are a wonderful thing (not).

Thanks everyone.