Accounts email templates and internationalisation



I need to be able to dynamically choose the language of emails configured in Accounts.emailTemplates. For example, if a French user forgets their password then the email should be in French, however the email would be in English for an English-speaking user.

Clearly the current system assumes that all users of the system speak the same language. Before I reinvent the wheel and fork a version of account-password, I wondered if anyone here could suggest a package that’ll do this for me.


we shoot down those automatic emails and send our own (using Mandrill). Mandrill supports handlebars templates, so that’s one way you could switch languages. We simply have different email templates for different languages. i.e. welome_en, welcome_fr …


Yes, I ended up creating my own method, based on the one in accounts-password, that sends our own mails instead.