Accounts Error! Object has no method 'findUserByEmail'

I am registering user using Account package but whenever i try to check if user exist its says function doesn’t exists?

Where are you running that function? It only will work on the server.

… it is inside server folder .

Have you added the accounts-password package? This method is defined in that,

yes have added package accounts-passwords … as i can add user through createUser

Others are also seeing this:

Confirmed. I am also experiencing this issue. Have the latest version of Meteor. None of the server methods for accounts-password seems to be available even though I double checked the accounts-password.js file exists in the following path: /root/.meteor/packages/accounts-password/1.1.3/os/packages.

I have also tried removing and adding the accounts-password package again but to no avail.

Other people have also reported this it seems. Looks like a common mistake many people are making. Would appreciate if someone could try and solve this.

Some extra information:
Packages I am using. Output of meteor list-

accounts-password        1.1.1* Password support for accounts
accounts-twitter         1.0.4* Login service for Twitter accounts
accounts-ui              1.1.5* Simple templates to add login widgets to an app
kadira:react-layout      1.2.0* Layout Manager for React with SSR Support
meteor-platform          1.2.2* Include a standard set of Meteor packages in your app
meteorhacks:flow-router  1.18.0* Carefully Designed Client Side Router for Meteor
meteorhacks:kadira       2.23.1* Performance Monitoring for Meteor
npm-container            1.2.0+ Contains all your npm dependencies
react                    0.1.10* Everything you need to use React with Meteor.
service-configuration    1.0.4* Manage the configuration for third-party services
twitter                  1.1.4* Twitter OAuth flow
underscore               1.0.3* Collection of small helpers:, _.each, ...

Solved. In my case apparently I had to perform a meteor update.
This is where I got the assistance.