Accounts-facebook not working | Exception from Tracker recompute function


I have added the accounts-facebook in my project that was initially on 1.4.3.x, & is now on 1.5.

The problem is coming on both the versions & one intermediate patch I had upgraded to, as per the tips on the CLI. It’s a very, very basic app. Haven’t implemented much.

The problem is with the “Configure Facebook” red button in the sign-in box. Clicking on it doesn’t bring up anything. The sign-in box is working fine and is showing up correctly & have been so for months.

This is the error on the 1.5 version:

Exception from Tracker recompute function:
meteor.js?hash=27829e9…:930 Error: Expected template or null, found: undefined
at Blaze.View._render (spacebars.js?hash=ebf9381…:61)
at Blaze.View.doRender (blaze.js?hash=f33d3df…:2086)
at blaze.js?hash=f33d3df…:1934
at Function.Template._withTemplateInstanceFunc (blaze.js?hash=f33d3df…:3744)
at blaze.js?hash=f33d3df…:1932
at Object.Blaze._withCurrentView (blaze.js?hash=f33d3df…:2271)
at viewAutorun (blaze.js?hash=f33d3df…:1931)
at Tracker.Computation._compute (tracker.js?hash=997515f…:339)
at new Tracker.Computation (tracker.js?hash=997515f…:229)
at Object.Tracker.autorun (tracker.js?hash=997515f…:613)

Making an error in the template definitions in my code is unlikely, as things were working well until now, and only after adding accounts-facebook the problem started coming. My templates are working fine.

It anyway seems like the template of the panel that opens as a result of clicking the red button: “Configure Facebook”, in the login box; is not defined.

I have a very, very basic app, very little code, and have only implemented basic user login, and two very basic forms.

I know I can probably bypass the problem by modifying the database manually. But wanted to report the bug, and also seek a solution. I know that the given package works very well. There have been some issues recently in other contexts and was wondering what to do.

(I have also added core-js recently which was missing after upgrading to Meteor 1.5, giving a blank screen).

Thanks in advance.


So i’m having the same issue, but i see you got no reply even after 155 days?


in case this helps, i fixed my issue with…

meteor add facebook-config-ui google-config-ui

Turns out you need these packages if you are using Blaze and want to use the social signin configuration buttons.