Accounts-facebook problem

Hi there!
Recently I’ve updated my facebook developer app api’s version from 2.9 till 4.0 and I’ve faced a problem when I logged in on my mobile.

This authorization code has been used.

The problem only occurs when I have facebook app started on my phone and after clicking on the signup button I’m redirected to the facebook app, which looks like a normal behavior (at least previously it was the same), but finally I receive the error Accounts.LoginCancelledError on the client and in the server log This authorization code has been used..
When I try to login on my desktop/laptop or when I disabled facebook app - the process works as expected.
It happens even for new users which just try to signup.

I found an issue and it means that this problem happens time to time and previously it was fixed by updating accounts-facebook packages.

So the question: did anyone else face this problem after updating to a new API version and how you solved it?